We Are a Center of Excellence That Meets the Needs and Expectations of Our Customers.
We add value to your business through top development, design and analytics, and we deliver user-centered solutions at a quick turnaround that create meaningful customer experiences.
Our Expertise
Data Analytics
We inspect, clean, transform and model your data to discover and provide you with valuable information to use for business decision-making within your organization.
Experience Design
We design your innovative product, process, or service by creating functional user-friendly interfaces that provide an excellent experience.
Software Development
We design, program, code and test your business need, or idea development to ensure it meets excellent quality standards for your organization.
Solutions Molded by Agile Thinking
A method that values individuals, interactions and progress. We collaborate closely with our customers so that we can respond to change in real time from direct feedback and deliver changes at a fast pace. We use University research resources such as the usability lab and 3D printing to deliver the best results to you.
Case Studies
Solving Product Profitability Challenges for Bosch
We analyzed and designed a unique, usable map-based interface to enhance visualizations for quick processing of data on several geographic levels, and a fully functional MVP desktop application with interactive dashboards for sales, forecasts and reporting.
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Solving the Cryptocurrency Trading Bottleneck for DigitalMint
We designed a usable interface with the objective to appeal to both existing and potential new crypto currency users, and we developed a responsive web application that provides existing customers the ability to view market trends and manage their account effectively.
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Solving Allstate’s Insurance Liability Problem for Rideshare Drivers
We developed an iOS prototype to collect mobile sensor data and digital fingerprints to analyze data, and identified when rideshare drivers are engaging in personal driving versus rideshare driving.
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The Optimizing Digital Innovation is a conference organized by the ID Lab which gathers professionals every year around a common theme: innovation.
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